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Upcoming Aromatherapy course dates and times at Shirley Price

Please see below new course dates!

Contact:  Rosie Brandrick, College Secretary T: 01455 615466
Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd, 8 Hawley Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 0PR


Aromatherapy Module 3 Dec 1st to 5th 10am - 4pm

The SPICA Aromatherapy Diploma proceeds over 10 months and is led by Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA and Sue Jenkins BSc MIFPA

Also a distance learning course and course materials pack is available.  

Take a workshop.  Workshops are IFPA/FHT ACCREDITED CPD


Nov 29th- Perfume Making 11am - 4pm


Cosmetic Making Diploma course Nov 24th to 29th

Nov 24th - Introduction to Aromatherapy 11am - 4pm

Nov 25th - 
The creamy craft of cosmetic making 11am - 4pm

Nov 26th -  How to Make Mineral Makeup 11am - 4pm

Nov 27th 
How to make natural makeup 

Nov 28thThe Art of Soap Making 11am - 4pm / Shampoo and bath bomb making 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Dec 1st to 2nd - Holistic Skin Care 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Aromatherapy history - the British School then and now

What is sometimes described as the British school of aromatherapy utilises elements of swedish massage and reflexology.

In fact Madam Maury was an Austrian who opened rejuvenation clinics in England, Paris and Switzerland.

Her research work to demonstrated the effects of essential oils on the nervous system, their influence on the well being of people.

 The British school of Aromatherapy is live and well and the research effort continues into the use and applications of essential oils for health and beauty. A number of schools and their alumni are active and combine their efforts in the form of organisations principally IFPA, FHT, IFA.

Each year these UK organisations hold annual general meetings and training conferences
 7th June 2014
19th/20th July
11th October 2014
5-8th September
 This is an important show of plant theraputics with leading international speakers

Training seminars also run at Beauty exhibitions notably BeautyUK, Birmingham NEC
10th,11th May 2015

There is also another strong training link to record and that is with the Soil Association and organic farmers and distillers of essential oils worldwide

Monday 26 May 2014

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Practitioner - Module Two notes

Aromatherapy Practice
Video Introduction
More information on

Massage revision - todays Aromatherapy Practitioner Diploma class demonstrations
Class Demonstration videos

Back massage - video and 16 step picture guide

Foot reflex massage - The Solar Plexus reflex as a starting point.

Back and shoulders
Legs back
Legs front


Ref Price, S Aromatherapy Workbook Chapter 3
Chemistry video links

Reflexology class notes
Video playlist
Shirley Price Swiss Reflex
Ref Tisserand, R. The Art of Aromatherapy p135

Beauty Skincare Routine Decleor
Aromatherapy introduction 
Application technique
Decleor training review
About Decleor

Video playlist
2012 student massage

Essential oils
Valnet, J. The Practice of Aromatherapy

More video
Essential oils Introduction. Via Homespa Beauty
Essential oil Chemistry. Via Minke Wellness
Essential oil safety article and links.  Via Lee Tea
Aromatherapy consultation

More video
Foot reflex. Via Homespa Beauty
Frontofleg Massage. Via Homespa Beauty
Back Massage. Via Homespa Beauty
Backofleg Massage. ViaHomespa Beauty
Face and Scalp. Via Homespa Beauty

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma
Student background and timetable
Syllabus and reading

Anatomy and Physiology requirement for complementary therapy

Anatomy and Physiology

Core Element
Course Component
MinimumContact Hours/
Distance Learning.
Minimum Student
Self-directed Study Hours
Anatomy & Physiology

Online CPD Courses


An emergency first aid at work certificate is recommended prior to the final examination.   This can be acquired independently from a local college or as a class with tuition is by an external qualified tutor.

Further reading
Photo: Today I am thinking about essential oils and human temperaments. Most people in modern international culture would describe themselves as sanguine - calm, optimistic even when things arent going so well, happy go lucky.  But what about those other temperaments out there? What oils would you call sanguine?Human temperaments and characterising essential oils
A common thread that bonds all indigenous peoples is the ideal of wellness.  "Wellness can be defined as the state when the mind, the body, and the spirit are all connected and in balance. One cannot be separated from the other. The Medicine Circle -- having no beginning and no end -- represents this concept of harmonious unity.
The Medicine Wheel or Medicine Circle is symbolic of the Great Wheel of Life. Respect and understanding of Indigenous People's concepts of creation and its interplay with life and nature are foremost. The Medicine Wheel gives language to archetypal images of the "Four Great Directions" of the "Circle of Life", or "Circle of Law". Within this circle are all forms of life: animal, plant, mineral, human; held in four elements of nature: earth, air, fire, and water. Understanding these forms and how they manifest in the People's view of the world gives language and understanding to the complexities of self, and our individual and community relation to the world.

Monday 24 February 2014

Essential Oil Chemistry Links

As primers and resources for students taking the Essential Chemistry course as part of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma I recommend the following educational links to students

An online database of essential oil components based on the extensive analysis of Dr Pappas
Signup with your email address and details and then access to the database is free.  This database has a particularly useful feature in that you can search by essential oil component and find the % analysis in the various oils Dr Pappas has analysed.

We recommend that students acquire Caddy Software and resources
Based on a well researched database of typical essential oil components the software allows the user to construct a blend and view its overall chemical characteristics by functional family. Blends can then be printed off for record purposes.  This is useful both as an educational tool and a practitioner tool.

Aromatic compounds
Naming benzene derivatives
Naming benzene
There are a number of useful videos to review before taking the course.
Representing structure of organic molecules

Naming simple alkanes
Naming alkanes with alkyl groups
Cis-trans and naming E-Z alkanes
Cis-trans, E-Z naming examples
Chiral examples
MORE Fluency in naming
Naming simple alkenes
Naming examples 1
Naming examples 2
Naming examples 3
Naming examples 5
Electronegativity and reactions
Ether naming
Aldehyde naming
Ester formation
Ketone naming
Electronegativity and intermolecular forces

Background Anatomy and Physiology
Human Biology
The sensory system
A tour of the cell
Structure of the cell
The endocrine system
The nervous system
Sympathetic nervous system Fight or flight
Respiratory system
The circulatory system
The digestive system
The immune system
Plant structure
Plants nutrition
Water potential
Acids, bases, ph
Cell membranes
The cell membrane
Transport across cell membrane
Documentary on Intelligence of plants
Documentary on Human intelligence
What is cancer
The evidence
Documentary on Acupuncture science

Welcome to Khan Academy!

Saturday 8 February 2014

Hinckley UK Courses and Course dates

Registration and tickets Upcoming Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma and workshops with Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA 24th February - 8th March  Prospectus 

FHT/IFPA Accredited Courses 

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma Course

February 24-28th Module One

Tutor: Jan Benham FFHT, MIFPA
IFPA/FHT Accredited Aromatherapy Diploma SPICA Module 1 - £500 
Foundation level for all students
• Aromatherapy massage, its principles and benefits
• The properties and effects of 12 of the most popular essential oils
• Methods of extraction, storage and blending and the use of carrier oils
• History of aromatherapy and massage together with the philosophy of holistic healing
• Introduction to botany, plant cell function and photosynthesis
Attendance on the foundation module is enough for those who wish only to use essential oils safely at home, to help their family and to enhance their own life. 10 case studies and 5 essays should be completed before Module 2
Cost: £500 +VAT (5 Day Course) Start 10:00am – 4:00pm


At the successful conclusion of the Aromatherapy Diploma course students may apply for membership of the FHT and IFPA.

February 24th - Introduction to Aromatherapy 10am - 4pm

Tutor: Jan Benham FFHT, MIFPA
Discover the essential world of aromatic oils. What are essential oils? How are they are obtained? How can you tell if they are 100% pure? What is the difference between therapeutic grade and the rest? Blend and mix to your hearts delight, create your own recipes. Learn about the various effects of these essences, both physically and psychologically, the application of essential oils and safety considerations, plus information on the most useful essential oils and carrier oils.
Cost: £90 +VAT (1 Day Course) Start 10:00am – 4:00pm

Participants will be taking home a unique blend that they have created. Also we will be working with some rare essential oils such as lotus blossom, linden blossom etc.

February 25th - Aromatherapy for Emotional and Mental Health 10am - 4pm

This workshop focuses on using essential oils for emotional health. The most useful and safe essential oils will be discussed and you will each get to make and take home different blends to use for calming and uplifting effects. Application techniques will also be covered.  Self massage is also taught along with relaxation techniques.

This course is useful for care givers as well as for use with family and friends. 

February 28th to March 4th Cosmetic Making Diploma course 

Tutor: Jan Benham FFHT, MIFPA
Makeup - Soap - Skin care and Hair care products 
Imagine expanding your existing aromatherapy and beauty practice, selling your own range of natural products made from scratch.
Imagine a healthy and youthful complexion for yourself, family and friends.
Imagine launching a new business selling online, at craft fairs and markets.
This is a comprehensive course in the art of cosmetic making, from soaps to lipsticks. Foundations to rejuvenating creams.
You will learn how to make a full range of makeup including: foundation, blusher, eye shadows, eye and lip pencils, lipgloss and lipstick.
Be able to make a full complete skin, body and hair care line including: Hair shampoo and conditioner, cleanser, toners and moisturisers, body lotions, ointments and lip balms.
Understand the scientific and botanical studies of plants and how to start your own business including government regulations, labelling laws, how to get free advertising etc.

For more information on each individual course, please check out the one day workshop and the cosmetic making workshop sections.

Courses included:

Introduction to Aromatherapy

The Art of Soap Making
The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making
Shampoo and Bath Bomb Making
Mineral and Natural Makeup
The Art of Perfume Making

Cost: £650 (6 Day Course) Start 10:00am – 4:00pm

February 28th - The creamy craft of cosmetic making 11am - 4pm

Tutor: Jan Benham
Are you tired of using cosmetics that bathe your body in chemicals & wreak havoc on your skin? Each person will have the opportunity to make something special, and at the end of the class we will share the goods.

In this fun workshop, learn how to make your own lip balm, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, face mask, serum, gel and body care products. You will be given the opportunity to design and make your own versions of the product or follow a set of recipes. The recipes are flexible and will allow you to make a range of baby products and specialist skin care preparations including anti-ageing, eczema and acne treatments.

The book "The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making" is included in this course.
To complete training in Cosmetic Making, enabling students to formulate their own personalized cosmetic blends for use during treatments, as products for clients, and for personal use.

This is an accredited CPD course with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.
(A) Theoretical
1 - Uses of Essential Oils.
2 - Ingredients for making natural cosmetics.
3 - Purity of essential oils.
4 - Learn which ingredients to avoid.
(B) Practical
 1 - Tools of the trade.
 2 - Basic Lotions and Creams recipes.
 3 - Cleansers and Toners.
 4 - Moisture Creams and Lotions.
 5 - Ointments and Lip Balms.

Tutor: Jan Benham

For the schedule in the UK and Canada please check the following link

For recipes and video on how to make cosmetics go to


March 1st -  How to Make Mineral Makeup 11am - 4pm

Learn How To Make Natural Mineral Makeup
Come and learn how to make your own mineral makeup, using all natural ingredients. 
Let Jan show you healthy alternatives to the toxic chemicals that are present in most mainstream cosmetics. Why risk long term health problems or allow these chemicals to dry and damage your skin? In comparison, mineral makeup nourishes your skin whilst enhancing your looks. There are two workshops; Natural Makeup and Mineral Makeup. In the mineral makeup workshop you'll learn how to make your own natural foundation, blushers and eye shadows. In the natural makeup workshop you’ll learn how to make your own mascara, lipsticks, and lip gloss, eye and lip pencils. Imagine the pleasure of wearing makeup crafted specifically to enhance your features. Imagine the satisfaction of making cosmetics. Imagine the security of knowing you’re applying healthy substances onto your skin. Turn these skills into an enjoyable hobby, as you create cosmetics for family and business, giving them unique and treasured gifts. This could even be the start of a business Opportunity if you want to turn craft into cash.
With Jan Benham Start 11:00 – 4:00pm
Cost of each workshop £120 +VAT or both for £210 +VAT

March 2nd - 
How to make natural makeup 

Accredited CPD course with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

Want to look good, be healthy and have fun all at the same time?

Come and learn how to make your own natural makeup, using all natural ingredients. Let Jan show you healthy alternatives to the toxic chemicals that are present in most mainstream cosmetics. Why risk long-term health problems or allow these chemicals to dry and damage your skin? In comparison, natural makeup nourishes your skin whilst enhancing your looks.

In this fun and practical workshop, you'll learn how to make your own natural lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, and eye and lip pencils.

Imagine the pleasure of wearing makeup crafted specifically to enhance your features. Imagine the satisfaction of making your cosmetics. Imagine the security of knowing you're applying healthy substances onto your skin.

Turn these skills into an enjoyable hobby, as you create cosmetics for family and friends, giving them unique and treasured gifts. This could even be the start of a business opportunity if you want to turn craft into cash.

 One day workshop with Jan Benham.

For the upcoming scedule in the UK and Canada please go to the link

For a lipstick making video, recipes and lipstick trivia go to


March 3rd - The Art of Soap Making 11am - 4pm / Shampoo and bath bomb making 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Join Jan Benham for a class in making cold-process herbal and vegetable based soaps. Together we shall make an excellent basic herbal soap recipe and a batch of a surprise exotic soap. We shall explore different ingredients, methods and sources that you might use to make a variety of exciting soaps. You will learn about simple equipment necessary to make soap, some trouble-shooting tips, a few historical tidbits and ways of decorating/icing your soaps. Please bring your most outrageous apron and 'cool' eye protection (sunglasses will do).


To complete training in soap making, enabling students to make personalized soap for sale to clients - and for personal use.

Whether you are making soap for yourself, or for friends and family, or even want to go into business this will get you started.

CPD accredited for aromatherapists


(A) Theoretical

1 - History of Soap Making.

2 - Uses of Essential Oils.

3 - Ingredients for making natural Soaps.

4 - What ingredients to avoid.

(B) Practical

1 - Tools of the trade.

2 - Basic Herbal and Vegetable based Soaps.

3 - Exotic Soaps.

4 - Trouble-Shooting.

5 - Soap Decorating.

Watch this video on making soaps
For the upcoming scedule in the UK and Canada please go to the link


March 3rd Shampoo and bath bomb making 4.30pm to 6.30pm

  With Jan's own practical experience explore your creativity in designing your own hair shampoos and conditioners. Enjoy the craft of Bath Bomb making using only pure and natural ingredients.
 For those who took the "Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making", you are in for a treat as Jan Benham reveals her secrets for making Bath Bombs and Shampoos and Conditioners in the pure Signature style that she is famous for. 

March 4th - Perfume Making 11am - 4pm

The Art of Perfume Making
What is perfumery? What are perfume oils and flower waters and how are they made? What do perfumes do for us mentally, emotionally and physically, and how do we know this traditionally and scientifically.

Flirt with the secret art of perfume making using a selection of top, heart and base notes on this fun 1 day course where you'll learn how to make your own signature scent.
Take home with you your perfume, a luxurious scented room spray or diffuser and other scented products. Relax in a hot bath exquisitely scented with your favourite essential oils and seasoned with lavish ingredients to pamper and soothe you.
Workshop content:
  • Introduction and explanation of products you’ll be using.
  • Decoding chemical compounds used in perfume making
  • Perfumes for mental and emotional well-being
  • Essential oils - therapeutic properties
  • Essential oils - Top, heart & Base notes
  • Blending and mixing aromas
  • Diluting your blends
  • Creating a scented bath / massage oil
  • Making room scents
  • Create a solid perfume
  • Create your perfume in oil or alcohol.
This also gives the Aromatherapist the chance to work with essential oils such as Mimosa absolute, Gardenia or lotus absolute etc that he/she does not normally get the opportunity to work with.

You will go home with a 10ml customized perfume blend, either oil based or alcohol based, a solid perfume and a bath or massage oil, created on the principles of ancient perfumery using the information of contemporary science - a ₤20 value! Packaging, handouts, recipes and a certification of completion of the course are included.

For history, what is perfume and  recipes go to


March 6th - Pet Care with Essential oils and their friends 11am - 4pm

Making and Selling Pet Products

If you're creative, you love animals, and you have good business sense, the world of making and selling pet products could be in your future.

Learn how to make pet products including natural shampoo, conditioners, doggie deodorants, insect repellent, treatments for arthritis and skin conditions plus much more. Geared mainly for canine products, these products can also be used on horses.

This e course covers the safe use of essential oils in animal care including application, blending, the must have of essential oils and the essential oils to avoid.

You will get to make:  shampoo, conditioner, Healing ointment,  insect repellent, doggie deodorant plus.

As a dog owner and aromatherapist for most of my life I have used natural products and essential oils on my friends with great success

March 7th - Qi drop therapy 10am - 4pm

Accredited CPD course with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

Qi drop therapy is a method of applying neat essential oils to the spine, legs and feet using acupressure, massage and compress techniques to bring balance to the whole system. It works on energy alignment, the movement of Qi throughout the whole body, straightens the spine and fights viruses. Qi drop therapy incorporates the use of 13 essential oils/blends of therapeutic strength.

One day workshop with Jan Benham

For information on Aromatherapy, and how to use essential oils go to


March 8th - Aromatherapy and reflexology for the elderly 10am - 4pm

Reflexology and Aromatherapy for the Elderly

Over the years, Jan has done extensive work on patients with multiple sclerosis, cancer and many other conditions using a specialized massage and reflexology technique, and aromatherapy.

This workshop focuses on the use of aromatherapy and reflexology for the elderly using essential oils, reflexology and polarity (energy work). Specialized massage techniques on the knees, feet and lower legs are also covered.

Designed for both carers and professional therapists; this program will teach you how to deal with the following conditions: Varicose veins, Insomnia, Knee problems, Oedema, Aches and pains, Poor Circulation and how to Balance the body.

Good for the sole

Great for the soul

If there are any other conditions that you would like to have covered. Please let us know at the time of booking and Jan will be happy to cover that topic during the workshop.

Ticket AND